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Nomad of the world

…While moving I collect not only experiences but also objects. I am fascinated by primitive details, vitality of colors and light. Searching, I choose those that have their own history, internal energy. Among the noisy streets and smells of Marrakech I reach cinnamon stores. By the ocean I touch the joy of life of Tamazigh, the Free People.

(…) “The journey never ends, neither in the higher world nor in the lower world…The universe is a constant journey.” Ibnal-Arabi 1165-1240

Berber motives

I have been running a small arts and crafts store since 2007. On my ethnic Sukkah you will find unique handmade items by Berbers, Saharan Nomads, Jewish artists…. The secret is the Energy of the hand.

Moroccan Lamps, Necklaces, Babushas – Morning and Evening Slippers, Layered Painted Tables from Marrakech…. Bedspreads, Fringed Blankets and Bouscheourity Rugs, Original Fire-Thais, Woven Baskets…

Marokańska Torebka