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Bedspreads & Curtains

Wool Traditional Berber Highland Wedding Bedspreads. Hundreds of sequins are meant to sparkle like the eyes of the bride and groom on their wedding night…Wool in different colors is Soft, Pleasant to touch.


Such a Unique Decorative Material can also be a delicious Bedroom Wall Decoration or a Cover to refresh the look of an old sofa from Ikea.


Beautiful and Unique are also Fabrics made of Sabra – Shiny thread spun from Agave fibers. Often hung as curtains in Moroccan Riads or thrown on Beds, Couches. 

Luxurious – fully made of Glossy Sabra; Popular, equally impressive – made of a blend of Sabra and Cotton, and Sabra and Velour.

Folklore of Northwest Africa.

Let’s enjoy the Moorish House…

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