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Easiest Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe:
*2 teaspoons Chinese green tea gunpowder;
*A bunch of fresh mint (at least 4-5 sprigs) spear mint or Mentha spicata;
*good spring water;
*sugar cone or sugar cubes;
Boil the water. Boil the water in a teapot. Pour off the water. Put the green tea into the heated teapot and pour in 1/2 cup of boiling water (the tea leaves should only soften and give up their bitterness to the water). After about 1 minute, carefully pour out the water, but leave the tea in the teapot. Now pour 1l of previously boiled water over the tea, add the sprigs of mint crushed in your hands (this is very important, so that the whole mint aroma comes out) and close the teapot with a lid. After about 5 minutes, the tea can be served. Traditionally sugar is added to the tea while it is brewing.
Hmmm I wonder what Khadija would say about it? She prefers boiling the tea in a pot before pouring it sweetened – into a teapot with mint…

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