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Riad Jawed – Marrakech 2010!

First some photos from My interesting Friends – the owners of the Riad!

Riad Jawed 2010

It’s a meeting room, a lobby…

Pokoje w Riadzie Jawed - Marrakesch Where to Stay

Apartment finished in Traditional Moroccan Style.

/Gdzie Nocować w Marrakeschu Riad Jawed

Garden and pool with access to a huge terrace.

Marrakesch - Gdzie nocować LUXUSOWO

Gdzie Nocowac w Marrakeschu Luxusowo

Riad Jawed - Znam To

Lampiony Marokańskie - Riad Jawed


Will continue! With some very interesting informations – Promise!


In a few words of Interesting INFORMATION.

Since a couple of valuable comments and inquiries have been made recently regarding a trip to the Red City – Marrakech, I am at your service and at your disposal as much as possible!

A trip for traditional and luxury shopping and sightseeing in Marrakech and surrounding areas with a guide in my person – It is Possible.

The history of the city that was once a hippie town, a famous base for, among others, the first line-up of The Rolling Stones (the house at the foot of the High Atlas is still visited by Mick Jagger) is close to my heart. Many people from show business and fashion, writers and creators visited and still visit Marrakech.

Some of the most beautiful places in Marrakech are the extraordinary gardens founded by Jacques Majorelle, which were bought by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge and opened to the public in 2001.

The city is steeped in French glamour while maintaining its age-old identity… I warmly invite and recommend a trip to the Big Tolerant City.


After a dose of information related to deciding on a guided trip, it’s time to relax.

About the Grand Riad One…

Riad Jiddi – our one of the first bases in Marrakech, is indeed large, with traditional Moroccan furniture, lanterns and decorations a little neglected and truth be told needs a lot of work, but…

Fontanna Patio Taras Riadu Jddi Patio i Fontanna.

The owners are super friendly, especially Tiana, our soul mate. He patiently explained things and laughed sincerely. Pictured above is his niece Issim. With a twinkle in her eye, she was looking at a large quantity of Moroccan jewelry made of silk strings (unique handicrafts are available in the Nomad Shop and Gallery).

Maciek, between sessions, has been discussing with Tiana development of new version of Riadu website. Tiana hasn’t made a decision yet, but she should, because Riad is a typical Moroccan interior and she likes it.

Taras Slonce marokanskie zasypia i budzi sie

Lidia and I, in moments of twilight breath, would visit the terrace, amidst the calls of the Muezzins and the scent of terrace flowers… For a modest terrace Moroccan breakfast: in tagines honey and butter, next to bread, sometimes pancakes, coffee, mint tea, orange juice.

Droga na taras Tajin, Tagin

Speaking of smell, (because in Marrakech not only smell the terrace flowers) prevailing in most parts of the old city. You should be prepared for a strong impression… It’s a mixture of aromas of spices (cumin and turmeric above all) with others – less interesting, and usually the strongest along the walls of the Medina… As in a medieval city of a Maghreb country.

Coming back to our discussed Riadu. It has many rooms. Good location in terms of connections to the newer, upscale Gueliz district and the bus station.

I open the Travel Book …